Phishing Message of the Day: You have 3 new spam-quarantined messages

Today’s Phishing Message of the Day comes to us from “ on behalf of GoDaddy” with a subject of “You have 3 new spam-quarantined messages”.  Of course this message isn’t really from GoDaddy and there aren’t any quarantined messages.  This is yet another phishing attempt that has at least some level of legitimacy because our company uses GoDaddy for quite a few of our services.

As usual, for messages like this one, just delete the message.  It is not legitimate and if you click on the “Release to Inbox” link you will most likely be taken to a page that looks like a GoDaddy login page and asks for your GoDaddy credentials.

Delete this message and get back to being productive!

You have 3 new spam-quarantined messages