New Client Project: Illustrious Action Bass Lures

Illustrious Action Homepage

Active Impact is proud to announce our newest project; a beautiful, powerful eCommerce website that utilized WordPress and WooCommerce.  We have been working with Illustrious Action hand-in-hand for several months to gather requirements, shoot photos, and build out their inventory system.

Gimbal for Filming Videos for Social Media or YouTube

DJI Gimbal

The DJI gimbal is our recommended gimbal because it allows your phone to be used in superwide angle either portrait or landscape and not show the gimbal arm. The Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer is our second choice.  It offers great features for the price but for iPhone 11 Max in super-wide mode it can get […]

Exclusive Laptop Deals for September

HP Envy 360

HP Envy x360 The perfect laptop for an on-the-go agent!  HP ENVY x360 Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop: Work hard on this HP Envy convertible laptop, which features a large 15-inch screen. The laptop opens up easily to create a tablet for note-taking, while an AMD Ryzen processor supports Windows 10 Home and other applications effortlessly. The […]

Cutting The Cord

The price of cable and satellite providers keeps going up month after month. Most times in sneaky and, in my opinion, dishonest methods. The cable providers don’t raise the quoted price for their service, they add on a new “fee” or raise the price of an existing fee.  Most times these fee have official sounding […]

Amazon Laptop Deals of the Day

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Amazon has become my go-to location for purchasing hardware, especially laptops, they are constantly putting great machines on sale.  Here are two great laptops that will help you stay mobile and are still powerful enough to complete all your day-to-day tasks. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is possibly the best designed Windows laptop available today.  […]

Plume Adaptive Home Wifi

Plume Home Wifi

Plume Adaptive Wifi Setting up and managing your home WiFi network can be challenging and if not actively managed, can leave your home network and all the devices on it, open to malicious attackers.  There are now several WiFi networks available that can not only make security easy, but can help bring full strength WiFi […]

Phishing Message of the Day – GoDaddy Final Warning

GoDaddy Phishing Email Message - Final Warning

The criminals out there trying to steal your credentials are very clever and will stop at nothing to get what they want.  The constant fight we are in against them is not a fair fight.  They can keep trying again and again until they find someone who falls for their tricks.  We only have to […]