Phishing Message of the Day – GoDaddy Final Warning

GoDaddy Phishing Email Message - Final Warning

The criminals out there trying to steal your credentials are very clever and will stop at nothing to get what they want.  The constant fight we are in against them is not a fair fight.  They can keep trying again and again until they find someone who falls for their tricks.  We only have to have one person in our companies click on the wrong thing and we could lose everything.

Today’s sample comes from a client who thought something looked suspicious.  This was a REALLY hard one for most people to spot!  If the criminal had crafted their message a bit better it may have worked.  Here are the few things we noted as indicators this message was fake:

  • The text and image boxes don’t line up and are not clean – This is a really hard indicator for most people to notice as we all receive so many poorly formatted email messages but it is important to always be on the lookout for items like this.
  • The text uses poor grammar – “We are sad that we would lose you soon.”  GoDaddy’s email crafters wouldn’t have missed this poorly crafted sentence.  Be on the lookout for tell-tale indicators like this.
  • The Begin Update link doesn’t go to GoDaddy – When you hover your mouse over the link in the email message, you can see that it doesn’t go to GoDaddy but to some other address.  This is a dead give-away that the message is not legitimate.

As usual, JUST DELETE THIS MESSAGE! It is fake and attempting to steal your login credentials.

Be safe out there and if you see any messages like this that you aren’t sure about, send them our way.  We’ll validate and let let you know if they are safe or dangerous.

GoDaddy Phishing Email Message - Final Warning
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